Lawn Fertilization

    All About Lawns uses only granular fertilizer specially formulated for our area. Using a granular fertilizer allows your lawn to achieve results for a longer period of time due to its slow release. The soil in our area is quite sandy and using a liquid fertilizer will leach through thus making our slow release granular fertilizer the right choice for your lawns nutritional needs.The nutritional needs of the lawns in Savannah are year round. We design our program to adjust to what our current weather pattern is at any given time.We apply the first application of fertilizer in the early spring allowing it to promote healthy growth once our soil temperatures are optimal.There are many types of grass in the Coastal Empire. Our team knows the needs of each of these and customizes your application accordingly.

            Shrub Fertilization

    All About Lawns provides fertilization of shrubs twice yearly. To promote healthy growth and provide proper nutrition we fertilize shrubs in the spring and in the fall.