Mole Cricket‚Äč



Sod Webworm

Army Worm

Mole Eating an Earthworm

White Fly

Chinch Bug

   Shrub Insecticide

    The most common insect we see on shrubs in our area are Scale. Aphids and White Fly are other pest we see. In the spring and fall our Shrub Program will include a spray application of insecticide. Treatments for insects is formulated according to our current weather at time of application.


Insect Control

                                                             Lawn Insecticide

    The climate in the Savannah area is optimal for nuisance pest. Applying insectcide is a must in the Coastal Empire to both kill and to prevent insects from doing damage to your lawn. There are many species of insects. The insects most known in our area are mole crickets, chinch bugs, sod webworms, army worms, and grubs.

    Moles are often a concern for many clients. Moles are not an insect but are a mammal and there are no current solutions to get rid of them. The moles primary diet consist of earthworms which are not harmful to the lawn. The best way to help control mole activity is to control watering.