Virginia Button Weed





Dollar Weed


Weed Control

 The temperatures of the Coastal Empire can reach above the 100º mark at times.Treatment for weeds can safely be done when temperatures are below 85º making fall through spring the best time to aggressively treat. We use both pre and post emergent treatments to fight and help prevent weeds.

    There are far too many weeds to list them all but here are a few we often see in our area:

Dandelion, Dollar weed, Spurge, Dichondra (pennywort), Oxalis (sorrelweed), Betony, and the most stubborn are Nutgrass, Virginia Button weed, Crabgrass, Dove weed, and Kyllinga.Some weeds are more controllable than others thus making this an important part of our yearly program.

    After temperatures reach 85º we are limited in what we can do for weed control as the chemicals to treat become extremely expensive and when applied can cause the growth of the lawn to stunt for as much as eight weeks causing an unsightly lawn. Further, if weed control is applied during a time the lawn is under stress such as drought it can actually cause more harm to the lawn. We reccommend never to apply treatment for weeds during a time of stress.




Oxalis / Clover